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Warehouse Management system by Ibexestudio

Warehouse management system with great flexibility, clearly geared towards different manufacturing sectors, logistics, operators and distribution systems. Full adaptability with extensive features and modules, a completely scalable system tailored to the needs of every business.

A cloud computing solution that will allow connectivity among all users of the system, enabling physical and online market managing in a single tool.

Location Picking
Priority Systems
Resources Optimization
Cycle Count
Minimize errors and incident management
Streamline operations and increase productivity
Optimize your warehouse space
Improve the fulfillment of orders
Get flexibility to grow

Automated Data Capture System
Actions and Readings Record
SSL Identification
Multiplatform and Multiuser
Integration with ERP
Operator Interface and Intuitive Touch
Compliance with the Regulations 21 CFR Part 11
Backup System and Automatic Replacement

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